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Casio Cash Register Errors

E01 - Key Mode Error

The key mode has been changed before the previous operation has been completed.

Return the key to the previous position - Normally the only position where the alarm will stop or can be stopped by pressing the Clear key - then complete the sale or procedure

E02 - Receipt Switch position changed during Sale

FIX - Turn receipt switch back to original postn

E03 - Initialisation Error

FIX - Try Flag Clear and check Receipt for correct initialisation code ( 0000000 ) indicates lost program

E04 - Clerk Changed during Sale,

FIX - Return to Original Clerk

E08 - Clerk Entry Required

FIX - Enter Clerk Code

E09 - Password Required

FIX - Enter Secret Password

E11- Drawer Open Error

FIX - Close Drawer

E36 - Condiment error

FIX - Normally happens with incorrect programming of Flags in PGM3 mode, do Flag Clear then Check PLUs by printing out PGM3 Data and Check PLU Flag to find incorrect setting

E94 - Printer Error

FIX - Turn ECR OFF - Check Printer for Paper, Ribbon or foreign object jamming printer, Repower- If you see E94 again -  Call your Dealer

If you continually turn the machine off and on for error E94 the main Circuit board will be damaged and may become more expensive to repair

INIT - Initialisation Error

FIX- Call your Dealer or Do a Flag Clear and check the MAC Code

You can perform a Flag Clear to clear errors but it must be done exactly as below

If the sequence is not followed exactly - you could erase your program

This as a Non Destructive Reset for Most programmable Casio Tills - Please Check your manual first

Flag Clear:  Please do this at your own risk

Turn the mode key to OFF position  - Put the OW Key in the mode lock

Press and hold the RECEIPT FEED key down ( top left corner of keyboard )

Turn the key to PGM position while the RECEIPT FEED key is held for 5 seconds -

Release the key - FFFFFFFFFF will appear on the display -

( If this does not happen then turn the power off for 2 seconds and ON again while holding down the RECEIPT FEED key for 5 seconds and then release the key )

While FFFFFFFFFF is on the display -Press the Subtotal key once - A Receipt docket will print with the MAC Code

Return key to REG and sign Clerk on as normal

If MAC Code Prints out as 000000 or you get another error code on the display - Call your Dealer